Who is Don McShane?

Don McShane is many things. He has been called “A legend of Wall Street”. Andy Warhol called him “Mr. Gold”. And the popular press called him an “original gold bug”. But more than anything, Don McShane has been called right.

Since the late 1960s Don has called almost every major move in stocks,


bonds and commodities. The only exception was the Crash of ’87 and for that he has a good excuse. He was working overseas.

Don McShane has been the subject of feature articles in such as Barron's,
Fortune Magazine, Business Week, New York Magazine, Sky Magazine,
and numerous publications in the U.S. and abroad.

Don is also a man of conviction. As a twenty-something stock broker he moved all his clients’ money into cash after a five year run in growth stocks just as the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its apex in 1969.

His bosses at one of America’s biggest brokerage houses -- White, Weld & Co. -- didn’t like that one bit, but they respected the call. They liked it even less when in 1970 he resigned and launched The McShane Letter.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of The McShane Letter; an investment letter that got a leg up in the gold market when the Midas metal was trading for a mere $35 per ounce; a letter that reaped huge 16 percent annual returns on Treasury notes and bonds in the 1980s while McShane moved from gold to venture capital; and a letter that correctly called the bursting of the high tech bubble in 2000.

In the late 1990s Don was again positioning his subscribers back into gold -- just in time to catch the second major boom in bullion. Gold profits have reigned for the past 10 years as The McShane Letter advised the purchase of gold at $264 per ounce. His subscribers are now riding the second great bull market in bullion.

McShane has had more one-on-one air time with Larry King than any other single guest in the 52-year history of The Larry King Show.

Don sees much higher prices for gold over the next decade and is calling for more than $6,000 per ounce. He expects even better leverage out of gold mining shares, precious metal stocks, and the special situations that have made The McShane Letter internationally renowned for four decades.