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The McShane Letter began publishing in July 1970 and has delivered timely advice to its subscribers for 40 years. Its founder and editor Don McShane was one of the original “gold bugs” and before that was a Wunderkind on Wall Street.

Since the mid-1960s Don McShane has called every major market move,


including the 1969 top for the stock market, the beginning and end of the great 1970s bull market, the stock market crash of 1987 and nine years later the Tech Bubble. On the latter he missed the absolute bottom for the NASDAQ by a mere 8 points.

After more than four decades of getting it right there is no questioning that Don has supreme instincts on calling markets. It is no surprise then that Don called the second great gold boom of the ‘00s beginning in 2000 when bullion was trading for $264 per ounce. Yet with gold now well over $1,000 he says that the Gold Bull is going to keep on charging.

A Breed Apart

But unlike many of the gold bulls, Don does not believe that inflation is advancing. To the contrary he is a staunch deflationist and is convinced that the central banks and the governments cannot re-flate the world’s economies which have been in crisis since the banking debacle of 2008.

After nearly half a century of getting it right, Don has an amazing ability to make complex issues easy to understand for his subscribers. Don also prescribes exact measures that need to be taken to preserve and even build wealth.

When you subscribe to The McShane Letter you will get (weekly/monthly) analysis of the big picture and the exact steps that should be taken. All of it from the man the Wall Street Journal calls “a Wall Street legend”, Don McShane.

To understand why the crowd once again has it wrong and why for instance silver is about to enter into a devastating bear market simply


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